The mammoth meat from “Gyatorus(ギャートルズ)” (Shunji Sonoyama/Parco), the sushi from “Do-konjyo Kaeru(ど根性カエル)” (Yasumi Yoshizawa/Shueisha), the fried rice from “One Piece” (Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha). There are many dishes that appear in manga that make me want to eat them myself.

They are not necessarily rare. Even the most mundane things, such as egg on rice and fried chicken, seem to be very tasty. Why is that? Let’s find out why manga dishes look so delicious.

First of all, there is the meat on the bone that appears in manga. In “Gyatorus(ギャートルズ),” which popularized the so-called “manga meat(マンガ肉)”, there are many scenes where Dad bites off a chunk of meat with all his might, and Gon(son’s name) swims through the mammoth meat as he eats it.

Seeing this, there must have been many people who thought, “I want to eat that,too!”, and in fact, some food manufacturers developed products under the names “manga meat(マンガ肉)” and “Mammoth Slice Meat”. The act of eating meat stimulated the “primitive desire of human beings,” which is why it attracted so many people. And the way these people ate meat was like the embodiment of that desire. The fact that they could not imagine the taste of the meat, and could not imitate it, must have made people long for it.

And there is a reason why the food in “One Piece” looks so good. It is because they know the importance of “eating”. They will eat no matter what the situation is, and they will say that whatever they eat is delicious. In addition, the scenes of procuring the ingredients are well depicted, so you can imagine how those ingredients became this dish. But perhaps the most important thing is that “Luffy” and his friends are eating together. For them, it is a sign of friendship to be around the same table. That is why we want to go on a journey with them. The desire to be a part of the group makes that meal look even more delicious.

Especially in One Piece, after defeating a strong enemy, a party scene with friends is always depicted. One of the main features of “One Piece” is that it does not depict the death of the characters, but the author, Mr. Oda, has a strong intention that if the characters die, he will not be able to depict the fun party scene, and that is why the meal scene is so important.

Manga dishes do not just look delicious, because they are beautifully drawn or realistically depicted. It is the combination of the author’s thoughts, the characters, the scenes in which they appear, and many other factors that attract readers to the manga.


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