In the past year or two, VTubers have been remarkably active in Japan.

They are run by various companies and individuals, but the momentum in this world has not stopped, with dozens of newcomers VTubers are debuting every day.

Here are some of the most promising VTubers who have just made their debut. Can you find your favorite?


ARU is the virtual singer of the new born project “深脊界計画 SHINSEKAI CITY PROJECT”. The project was first announced at Kaf(花譜)’s one-man live, and is set in a city called “Shinsekai City(深脊界市)”, where “a variety of artists will gather”. ARU was introduced as one of the artists in the special program “Hanatachi to Tsubaki to Kimi. vol. 12 – Live Broadcast” distributed on June 20.



白鹿いおり(Hakushika Iori)

“Hakushika Iori” is a first member of the VTuber group “Phase-Connect”. “Phase-Connect” is a new VTuber unit based in Vancouver, Canada. 7 members were debut wth same group, and Hakushika Iori was one of them, who made her first broadcast on June 20th. Although “Phase-Connect” is a unit/company in Canada, it is characterized by a mix of English and Japanese speakers, with Hakushika being bilingual in both English and Japanese, and delivering mainly in Japanese.



鈴香アシェリア(Suzuka Ashelia)

“Suzuka Ashelia”, like Hakushika, is also a first member of “Phase-Connect”. In the character setting, she is a thief who stole a relic governing the concept of “fork” from her planet and settled on Earth, and made her first delivery on June 19. The character design is by Canadian illustrator mins. She is a fan of Japanese anime, manga, music, dance, cosplay, etc, particularly fond of a wide range of games such as “Ansanburu Stars”, horror games, FPS, sound games. She seems to be active in game distribution. Her distribution is mostly in English, but he is also planning to distribute in Japanese.




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