How many of you read “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine”? Surprisingly, many people don’t know that “Attack on Titan”, which has finally ended its story, was serialized in this magazine.

The manga I would like to recommend to everyone is said to have been approved by “Hajime Isayama”, the creator of the manga. Let’s take a look at the contents.


進撃の巨人/Attack on Titan
菌と鉄/Fungas and Iron
新本格魔法少女りすか/Shin Honkaku Mahō Shōjo Risuka,
100万の命の上に俺は立っている/I’m standing on a Million Lives
金の系/Gold Thread
アルスラーン戦記/HeroicLegend of Arslan
杖と剣のウィストリア /Wistoria’s Wand and Sword
29歳独身中堅冒険者の日常/29sai Dokushin-Chuken-Boukensya-no Nichijyo 
おかえりアリス/Okaeri Alice
姫騎士は蛮族の嫁/The Bride of Barbaroi
かつて神だった獣たちへ/To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts
トモダチゲーム/Tomodachi Game
ふらいんぐうぃっち/Flying Witch
マッスルグリル/Mascle Grill
Fate/Grand Order
ダイロクセンス/The sixth sense
Billion Trip
純とかおる/Jun and Kaoru
不死の魔王は眠りたい/Fushi no Ou ha Nemuritai
暁の屍狩/Akatsuki no Kabane-Gari
将棋の渡辺くん/Shogi-no Watanabe-kun


First of all, doesn’t this picture remind you of something? Yes, George Orwell’s “1984”. The world view of this work is as follows. The main character, “Dante”, belongs to an organization called “Amigasa”. Their living area is inside a wall (called an “area”). It is a completely controlled society, where everything from food to conversation to emotions are thoroughly controlled, and strangely enough, no one is questioned. Yes, no one except the main character, Dante. Outside the walls, there is an organization called “Ether” that carries out various terrorist acts in various places. That Ether is Amigasa’s enemy.

“The world inside the walls, the enemies outside the walls”. Dante, the main character, learns about the world outside the walls early on, and then becomes a member of “Ether,” Amigasa’s enemy. This is the story of Dante’s fight against Amigasa as a member of Ether. As the author himself said, at this point in time, this work is heavily influenced by George Orwell’s “1984. With this in mind, we can look forward to a different development from that of “Marching Giants,” and we can look forward to the story that lies ahead.


A soldier of Amigasa. He is unable to read, but his physical abilities are quite high. He had doubts about spending his whole life in the area, living a set life every day, and following orders. However, one day, when she goes out of the area on a top-secret mission to destroy the “Ether” faction, she meets Aoi, which makes her distrustful of Amigasa. He is given a giant Amigasa mushroom parasite in his brain because he came back alive from a mission, but he still retains his ego and his abilities are recognized by Grant, a member of the Aether, who trains him as an Aether.

In my next article, I would like to introduce “Shin Honkaku Mahō Shōjo Risuka”. Madoka Magica is the most famous work about magical girls, but I would like to examine in my own way whether or not this work shows us a new world view.


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