I first read this manga at a used bookstore in Japan named “Bookoff”. The picture on the cover was so unique that I wondered if this manga was really interesting. But as it turns out, it is very interesting for me!

The author “Hayashida Kyu” is the same person who drew the popular manga “Dorohedoro”, which was also made into an anime, so if you have time, try watching it on NETFLIX.

A dark fantasy film about an amnesiac man whose head is turned into a reptile by magic, and how he regains his true face and memories.

Story of “Dai-Dark”

The story centers on characters “four evil creatures(4匹の害悪)” whose lives are being threatened by the entire universe, and their amusingly named friends, “Zaha=Sanko”, “Abakian”, “Shimada-Death”, and “Hajime=Damemaru”, who are always in danger, but continue their journey in a somewhat relaxed manner.

The protagonist is “Zaha=Sanko”, a 14-year-old boy who is one of the “vermin. It is said that “his bones can grant any wish,” which is why he is always in danger of being killed.

Perhaps, it makes you think that it is a serious and horror manga. But I have the impression that there are plenty of scenes that will make you laugh.

And this manga often features scenes of eating, and Abakian often eats strange things: he cooks with a microwave oven-like device called Solar Oil Oven, which looks very tasty and is my personal favorite part of the manga.


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