Record of Ragnarok(終末のワルキューレ)” is gaining popularity and I hear that the anime released on Netflix is being watched by many people around the world. Who would have imagined such a situation? I’m sure the employees at COAMIX inc., the publisher, are very happy.

This time, let me introduce you to “The War of Greedy Witches(魔女大戦)”, which can be called the sister title of “Record of Ragnarok”. In this manga, there are no religious “Gods” in the story. There are many fictional beings, but most of them are historical figures.

“Jeanne d’Arc” appears at the beginning of the story. She is a national heroine in France who fought in the Anglo-French War. In the end, she was sentenced to heresy and burned in a fire. She is asked this question by Lilith and Lilim, the guides of the battle.

What is your desire?

The keyword of this manga is “Desire”. At first, Jeanne hesitates, saying, “I have no greed,” but I wonder what the hell her greed is? In the end, she accepts the offer of a guide and throws herself into the battle.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably noticed the similarities to the “fate series” which is a very famous animation movie.  However, it would be premature to declare that this work is boring or unworthy of reading just because of the similarities in concept and characters. As the story progresses, let’s try to find out which part of the story is trying to express the differences.

Now, I’m really looking forward to seeing how close to the original one is. However, I am concerned about the fact that the original “Record of Ragnarok(終末のワルキューレ)” depicted the Indian God “Shiva”, which caused the anime to be canceled even though it was supposed to be distributed in India.

Historical figures are also depicted in this manga. The content is very sensitive, so we may have to pay attention to that as well. Whether it will end up as a manga about a mere death game, or whether it will present something new to the readers, the story has just begun.


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