There are numerous manga magazines selling in Japan. The most famous one is “Weekly Shonen Jump”, but there are many more. We, OTANIACS, would like to introduce you to the many manga magazines selling in japan out there.

This time we will introduce this magazine!!

Monthly Big Comic SPIRITS” is a manga magazine that has many mangas getting attention from many people.

“Oyasumi Karasu Mata Kitene(おやすみカラスまた来てね)” which is on the cover of the February 2022  issue, is a story about Sogawa, a bartender working in Sapporo, Hokkaido, and his relationship with the women around him. What’s interesting about this manga is that it takes place in Hokkaido, which is important, and the landscapes and scenes depicted are beautiful. In addition, the women in the story are all attractive.

“Snow Ball Earth(スノウボールアース)”, a robot manga recommended by “Hideaki Anno”, the famous director of Evangelion, is getting a lot of attention, too.

“Henna-mono no Mikke(へんなものみっけ)” is a manga about people who work at a museum, and I think it is a very enjoyable manga that makes you feel as if you are on an adventure with the people who study the sea and the mountains.

palace of an assassin

This magazine is also full of other manga drawing attention from people, such as “Palace of an Assassin(暗殺後宮)” so we would love to continue to introduce various manga in the future.


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