Core Mix Inc., the publisher of “Comic Zenon”, was established in 2000. Considering that “Shueisha” was founded in 1925 and “Shogakukan” in 1922, we can say that the company is like a start-up company in the publishing industry.

However, their presence in the manga industry is very significant, with their signature title “Record of Ragnarok” reaching a total of 10 million copies sold. I think this momentum is unquestionable, although I am concerned about the fact that the company has invested heavily in other stories such as “The War of Greedy Witches(魔女大戦)” and “Tengen Hero Wars(テンゲン英雄大戦)” that involve collecting and fighting heroes.

As a matter of fact, “Tsukasa Hojo(北条司)”, the author of “City Hunter”, and “Tetsuo Hara(原哲郎)”, the author of “Fist of the North Star(北斗の拳)”, are on the board of this company, so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of works they will produce in the future. Incidentally, a new manga has started, in which “Amiba”, who appeared in “Fist of the North Star(北斗の拳)”, is reincarnated in another world and plays an active role, and it seems to be becoming popular.


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