If someone were to suddenly say that to you, you would probably be surprised.

Just as many people around the world have a mysterious interest in the NINJA, we Japanese also love them, and while Naruto is probably the most famous Japanese Ninja manga, we are sure you will also love the work we are about to introduce, “Under Ninja”.

Let me introduce to you a story about ninjas who are still working secretly somewhere in Japan.

Ninjas enjoyed glory in Japan of beyond times. They disappeared when their organizations were dissolved during the country’s Allied occupation of Japan. However, their existence continued in secret. Some say that their ranks numbered 200,000 members. Among these, elite ninjas covertly dealt with crises at a national level. On the other hand, marginal members found work hard to come by. One of these ninjas between jobs was Kurou Kumogakure.

The main character, “Kuro Kumogakure”, is a so-called NEET (Not in Education Employment, or Training) who neither works nor studies as a student. However, he is a member of the “Kumogakure clan”, a prestigious ninja family. “Kuro” is assigned by his boss, a ninja, to infiltrate a high school. The fact that there is someone who gives him a mission means that there is an organization. “Kuro” belongs to an organization that unites ninjas and seems to function as a company externally. There are still many things we do not know.

Meanwhile, foreign agents seem to have infiltrated the Japanese domestic market. According to his words, “Nimble, Invisible, Nightly, Japanese, that is NINJA. The charm of this manga lies in the confrontation scenes between the foreign agent and the ninja in the first volume. One of the points is the fascinating gadgets the ninja have. The equipment of the modern ninja has evolved to the point where even clothing that at first glance appears to be nothing more than a hoodie is the blade- and bullet-resistant and they are also equipped with “Marishiten,” a technology for disappearing like the optical camouflage that appeared in “Ghost in the Shell”.

The incident occurs before the high school infiltration that “Kuro” was given began. He gets an urgent order to capture a foreign terrorist who caused a ‘penis severing incident.’ However, not wanting to leave the premises of his apartment, he doesn’t get moving straight away. In the meantime, the terrorist runs into Sasama, a former top-class ninja, and a battle ensues.


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