In this article, we will report on the current “Total Concentrated Exhibition(全集中展)” of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba).

This exhibition is a “Total Concentrated exhibition” that allows visitors to enter the world of the anime “Demon Slayer” “Infinity Train Arc” and “Entertainment District Arc” and experience the fierce battles between demons and the “Kisatsu-tai” with their whole bodies. This is an exhibition that concentrates on the anime “Demon Slayer”, including a video exhibit that allows visitors to experience the fight against the “Upper-rank demons” on a large screen.

I went to the event space of Ginza Matsuya, the Tokyo venue. The entrance was filled with customers even before the doors opened, and the excitement was high. Large panels decorated from the entrance kept me occupied during the waiting time!

The blood demon act of “Enmu (lower rank demons, lower 1)” has created a space that is like being in a dream. We experienced a shimmering, shimmering, mysterious space.

On display is the impressive Nichirin-sword of “Rengoku Kyojyuro”, with its impressive flaming tsuba(guard on sword). And also on display are the haori of Rengoku and scene cuts related to the Rengoku family.

You can see the key visuals newly drawn by “ufotable” as a folding screen with great power.

And now we finally enter “the Entertainment District Arc”.

Tanjiro and his friends sneak into the brothel to find out information about the demon.

For a change, you can see the prostitute area with a glamorous atmosphere. Please enjoy the space with many tricks, such as the gimmick you can see beyond the hole in the sliding door, and the muscular rat you can see when you enter the small hole and peek through it.

“The Upper 6”, “Daki”, is clad in countless belts that are stretched across her body.

Next to her is her elder brother, “Gyutaro”, also an “Upper 6”, who unleashes the blood demon art. This is a space where visitors can look back on the fierce battles in the brothel while viewing the Nichirin-sword of “Uzui Tengen” and scene cuts.

It depicts the siblings “Ume” and “Gyutaro” when they were a human before they became demons. A memorable scene of the two cuddling up together in the snow to escape the cold is on display.

“The Entertainment District Arc” has ended, and the next episode will finally begin “the Sword-smith village arc”. The main characters are “Mitsuri Kanroji” and “Muichiro Tokitou”.

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