Today, Japan is entering an era of declining birth rates and an aging population.

In other words, the number of births is decreasing every year. The number of children diagnosed with “Developmental Disabilities” in Japan is approximately 480,000. The reality is that one in ten children has some kind of disability. These children with developmental disabilities live in solitude and pain at school and at home, and they are often faced with problems at school and at home. “Child Psychiatrists” deal with such children and their parents.

The manga introduced here is about such a “child psychiatrist”. Have you ever seen people like this around you?

  • Always worry about trivial things only when I don’t have much time.
  • Always busy with something and always make one mistake.
  • Can’t listen to others until the end.

We all have these tendencies to varying degrees. However, people with developmental disabilities may have such symptoms that it is difficult for them to lead an ordinal social life. For example, the following famous people are said to have had ADHD.

  • As a child, Edison, the king of inventors, was so curious that he asked questions of his schoolteachers without regard to his surroundings.
  • Bill Gates was so involved in programming that he was called Sleepless Bill.

There are two main characters in this manga “LIAISON”. “Taku Sayama” runs the Sayama Clinic. It was a shocking appearance, but getting one’s hands dirty with dirty water like this is also a proper treatment named “Exposure therapy”.

And “Shiho Tono”, who moved to the Sayama Clinic from a university hospital.

Tono is on the right side.

Shiho is someone who has been diagnosed with a developmental disability. She is a female doctor who suffers from a habit of being late and being unable to fix the wrong dosage of medication she prescribes to her patients, even when she tries. The interaction between the two of them is heartwarming and funny to watch, but when you hear the medical conditions and backgrounds of the children of the patients who come to the clinic, you feel very sorry for them.

In Japan, where we live, incidents of child abuse are reported daily, and the number of incidents related to children is on the increase. In Japan, where the number of children is decreasing, children are the ones who should be cherished and nurtured.

Please take a look at this topic, which has become a social issue. You may find what you are looking for.


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