Last year, I was enthusiastic about the Manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, “Kimetsu no Yaiba”

Now this animation movie ,which broke box office records in Japan, has also become the number one box office hit in the United States.

Since It was quite a while away from Manga(“One-Piece” and “Naruto”), which had read through to the end, hadn’t bought a “weekly Shonen Jump” for a few years since the end of the two series. In the old days, I was so enthusiastic. At that time, I accidentally saw Amazon Broadcast’s “Kimetsu no Yaiba” anime broadcast, and then went back to the manga.

What’s interesting is that the main character, “Kamado Tanjiro”, was a little different from the hero I’ve met so far.

The idea that led me to write this article was to explore a new hero image that can be seen through the main character, “Kamado Tanjiro”. I can’t write it all at once, so I’d like to write it several articles with the following constitutions.

【Table of contents】
・ What is a hero?
・ How to draw a hero (US-Japan comparison)
・ Hero drew by Weekly Shonen Jump (Showa-Early Heisei)
・ Hero drawn by Weekly Shonen Jump (Heisei -Reiwa)
・ The future pioneered by Kamado Tanjiro

If you can read article written in Japanese, please read article below. Slayer)


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