If you like “Parasyte(Kiseijyu)”, I strongly recommend the manga presented here.

Many science fiction authors have depicted “aliens” flying to Earth and plotting to invade the planet, but “Gitaijin A(擬態人A)” is a little different. First, the two main characters are aliens who have fled to Earth after being chased from their home planet. Their mission is to assimilate with the earthlings ahead of the 100,000 compatriots who will arrive a year later. For example, to understand and adapt to the thoughts and feelings of the Earth people.

What clearly separates aliens from earthlings. It is a facial expression.

The first image is “Tsuyoshi Hirokawa” from the manga “Parasyte(Kiseijyu)”. It is almost impossible to read emotions from facial expressions, right? In “Gitaijin A(擬態人A)”, the “Colonel” and “Yugo” have virtually no facial expressions. Yugo’s facial expressions change as he communicates with the earth child “TATSURU” and other people and acquires some kind of emotion. It is necessary to pay attention to their facial expressions in the future.

They are highly intelligent and have excellent physical abilities, but there are many behaviors and words , and actions that are difficult for the earthlings to understand. The story is full of tense scenes, yet it is also somewhat laughable.

Will they be able to complete their mission successfully?



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