There are many movies and comics that feature “Kaiju(monsters)”, including Godzilla, but the way the stories are portrayed is changing as time goes by. A prime example of this is the movie “Shin Godzilla” produced by Hideaki Anno.

He succeeded in portraying “Kaiju” as a disaster that the government and “Self-Defense Forces” could deal with as an organization. 

I think the innovation is the development of a context in which the human side, as an organization, can deal with giant monsters, rather than the conventional way of depicting huge monsters destroying urban areas and fighting with each other, where humans can only watch with their fingers in their mouths.

The “Task Force for Paranormal Disaster Management(怪獣自衛隊)” manga I’m going to introduce here is part of that lineage.

If such a huge creature appears, will we humans be able to deal with it?

The answer is right here in this comic!


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