We know many stories. Those are set in a certain mansion where mysterious and odd incidents occur. The main characters are children who are not old enough to know what is going on.

For example, have you read “The Promised Neverland”? or a  “Tengoku Daimakyo”? Both of these are interesting manga, and I would like you to read them once. We will pick up those titles as the next manga to be featured.

Now, in the “Shadow House”, the Shadows, a faceless family that imitates the nobility, appear. The “living dolls” that serve as their “faces” are their caretakers. This is a mysterious story that takes place in the Western-style house where they live.

The main character is Emilico, a girl who is a “living doll”. Emilico is served by her master, shadow, named “Kate”.

When you start reading this manga, perhaps, all anyone can think about is.

  • Why doesn’t Shadow have a face?
  • Aren’t living dolls supposed to be human?
  • What is the purpose?

The story progresses, leaving many mysteries unanswered, with faceless shadows existing as if they were the norm. After reading the book for a while, you will get used to their facelessness, but I remember that when I first started reading the book, I kept feeling uncomfortable because many of them had no faces.

Considering that when we communicate with people, we read a lot of information from their facial expressions, Emilico and other living dolls would have a very hard time figuring out what their masters are thinking. However, there is one way to read the emotions of faceless masters. That is that negative emotions such as anger and anxiety produce a large amount of soot.

The story basically revolves around the heartwarming interaction between “living dolls” and theirr masters, “shadow”. There are many mangas in which some major incident occurs and things take a sudden turn, but this manga is different. Just when you are enjoying watching the heartwarming exchanges before you know it, things start to get disturbing and things start to get worse.

Even in the world we live, changes can strike us suddenly, such as the sudden outbreak of war in a world that we thought was peaceful. How long can we keep smiling? It would be interesting to pay attention to the changes in the feelings of Emilico and the other “living dolls”.

Comics are on sale now, up to volume 11!  It’s not too late. Let’s start reading now with us!


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