I still have an image of manga magazines as being sparkling and something that every boy in the world would love to read. However, the current “Weekly Shonen Jump” has undergone a major change. I’ve written about this before, but now it’s not just boys who read Jump. Nowadays, of course, girls read it too.

Nevertheless, there are certain themes and genres that boys tend to be loved.

It is clear that “Jujutsu Kaisen(呪術廻戦)” is unique among the recent serialized manga works. And it’s a manga that has captured the attention of boys.The same may be said of the parallel serialization of “Chainsaw Man(チェンソーマン)”. I think those two works are characterized by the fact that they use “curses” and “demons” as the axis of their worldview. “Chainsaw Man(チェンソーマン)” is a manga about demons. “Demon(Oni, 鬼)” is a standard character in manga, just as “Devilman” was once popular and “Demon Slayer(鬼滅の刃)”, which is currently exploding in popularity, has made the demon an enemy character.

When asked what kind of worldview is portrayed in “Jujutsu Kaisen(呪術廻戦)”, the author, “Akutami Gege” answers this in his manga work.

To be human is to experience not only positive feelings, but also negative emotions. Such emotions produce cursed energy, which transforms into curses that can bring misfortune to the world. While normal humans cannot control this, Jujutsu Sorcerers are able to harness their own cursed energy to use certain techniques. With their supernatural powers, these sorcerers secretly protect humans from curses and the threats they pose to society.

Negative emotions that come from humans, that is the source of the curse. The human mind creates the curse.

source: Jyujyutsukaisen Vol.1, Shueisha


sadness, regret and shame, because every time a person ruminates on a memory, those places are the receptacles for those feelings.That’s why there were usually spells to ward off evil spirits at school. That’s what you found.

What’s interesting is that “schools” and “hospitals” are said to be places where curses tend to accumulate, and in addition, at the time of “Kugisaki Nobara(釘崎野薔薇)”‘s debut, her teacher, a powerful sorcerer, “Gojo Satoru(五条悟)”, said.

The curse becomes stronger in proportion to the population. The level of the curse is different between rural areas and Tokyo.

A city with a large population and swirling desires is filled with so much human negative emotions(sadness, regret, shame) that the curse becomes stronger. It was a very interesting system for me. As I read further and further into the story, We found that “Shibuya(渋谷)” was a particularly important place for the story to take place, but I think the author Akutami’s skill in drawing the reader into the story lies in the fact that it is strangely linked to reality. It’s a perfect balance of fiction and reality.

Pickup character

Nobara Kugisaki (釘崎野薔薇, Kugisaki Nobara)
A first-year student hailing from the country. As one of Satoru’s students, she teams up with Yuji and Megumi for various missions. Self-confident and quick to speak her mind, she takes pride in her own identity, abilities and appearance. Nobara’s distinctive battle style includes the use of hammers and nails infused with cursed energy.


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