Recently, there has been an increase in the number of stories featuring battles between various Gods and historical Heroes, such as the “Record of Ragnarok” and “The War of Greedy Witches” by Coamix inc. The trend has also been adopted by Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump, which has a series of manga that I would like to recommend.

This time, I would like to introduce “Valhallian The Black Iron(黒鉄のヴァルハリアン)”.

The author is Toshimitsu Matsubara(松原利光), who drew the boxing manga “Rikudou(リクドウ)”. If you let him draw action, I’m sure you’ll get something great. Even though there are already similar manga, I expect that a new story will be created if a different author draws it.

The main character is “Tetsujiro Soma(相馬鉄二郎)”, a Samurai from the Kamakura period.

This is the same era that was depicted in the worldwide hit PS4/5 game “Ghost of Tsushima”, which also featured a samurai from Tsushima who fought against the Mongol Empire, Genko.

Some of you may know what Valhalla is, but what is it anyway?

It is said that Valhalla is a place where the souls of warriors selected by the Valkyrie are gathered, and the place is supposed to be like a “Palace”. This time, it’s depicted as something like a “Garden”. The characters at the moment are Roman soldiers, Chinese warlords, and so on, with more and more to come.

One of the characteristics of this manga is the parent-child relationship, which is already discussed in many pages from the first episode. Tetsujiro, the father, is raising his sickly child, “Takemaru(武丸)”, while living his life. The author, Mr. Matsubara, described the main character “Tetsujiro(鉄二郎)” in an interview as follows.

He’s a clumsy father who tries his best to be a father in front of his son who is more respectable than him. I think Tetsujiro is the one who was a brawler before the birth of his child and is an unfinished father.

As the story progresses, Odin from Norse mythology will probably make an appearance. The comics have only been released in volume one, and the episodes are still in progress, so you can read them now! Let’s enjoy this unlikely dream match of the greats together.


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